Helping from long distance...sources of frustration

So this poll is for the great folks around here who go out of their way to help the people posting with problems. What is the most frustrating part of this process for you?

Is it:

[li]They never come back to the post and tell if your solution worked. (Yes I feel like a girl saying “he never calls” just writing this one down)[/li][li]They don’t follow instructions at all[/li][li]Miscommunications keep arising—especially for those who don’t speak English as a first language[/li][li]They don’t include all the relevant information in the first post, then expect you to know everything they didn’t actually say[/li][li]They know quite a lot on the subject but don’t indicate this at first, so you spend lots of time explaining what they already know[/li][li]No one can find a solution[/li][/ol]

So this is for all the great folks around here who go out of their way to help.

The first one is a fav of mine, but yes, I did feel like a girl saying “he never calls me”! :slight_smile:

lol #7 all of the above :iagree: :bigsmile:

@Kerry - you want the duplicate thread deleted? :wink:

1-4 for me BTW :wink:

All of the above, and also:

  1. They write a 3000 word essay with no paragraphs or punctuation.
  2. They blame you for missing what they wrote in the 34th sentence of their 3000 word essay with no paragraphs or punctuation.
  3. They act as if you are now responsible for solving their problem


#10 - you give them the proper solution - and they argue with you!!

#11 - They are [I]SO[/I] computer challenged that they don’t know how to open control panel, bios, program or even know what their system or computer is-eh!!

Which thread are you wanting to keep Kerry56?

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Merged them and moved the thread back to the LR. :wink:

Kerry, that was very confusing :bigsmile:…hehe, you could’ve asked one of us to add a poll to your LR thread :slight_smile:

@Mike - I came across #10 just recently. Felt like I was talking to the wall :wink:

I think #3 is winning this thread and I don’t even have the excuse of speaking a different language.

I think that not following instructions is probably the worst… there are so many posts where people keep asking for basic info like the software, or media, or drivers … and it’s never provided.

I’m not sure that getting frustrated at miscommunication is very fair… especially with non English language speakers, as the miscommunication usually comes from both sides equally.
In fact, is often the most extreme between two English language natives who are from different countries and just fail to understand each others cultures too well…

The only time this gets on my nerves is when people use internet shortcuts - this is really a separate language and totally unfair to anyone who is not really familiar with English, or the shorthand being used… Plus no punctuation :a (ok, that’s a personal annoyance of mine).
(where is deanimator???)


Just thought of another one-

#12 - Those who post - who honestly believe that the person that is going to help them - can truely read their mind - and magically know what media they are using - and what their operating system is - what burner they are using, etc-eh!! :eek: :eek: :iagree: :iagree:

how about you spend 2 or 3 days checking back and offering suggestions and they post with a “nevermind, i already had to return the dvd to blockbuster”

^ LOL :slight_smile:

Haven’t ever seen that one.

Same as Prof - the use of mobile phone text language. :a
Thinking the forum is the same as MSN.
Also using ‘CD’ and ‘DVD’ interchangeably.

We should be fair though, and have a competing poll where the techno-challenged members say what it is that annoys them about the responses of know-it-all helpers and staff: :smiley:
[li]Do a search, idiot![/li][li]LOL Noooob!![/li][li]Your problem is in a queue and will be answered shortly[/li][li]I’m 12 years old and I know more than you do at 51.[/li][li]Look at line 4 of the Java execution pathway at memory location &EA34F9. The indirect addressing branchpoint needs some adjustment.[/li][li]I wuz gonna tell a mod about u nd ur DVDs[/li][/ol]

[B]They act as if you are now responsible for solving their problem[/B] :rolleyes:

They act as if you were the company on line help person :disagree:

Yes! That’s what I was thinking of when I ticked the miscommunication one, rather than genuine difficulty with English.

I read a post recently that was made up entirely of text/SMS talk. I mean…why?!

LOOOOOOOOL we should :bigsmile:

Apart from option #1 ,#4, #9 and #11 i sometimes think people try to insult my intelligence when their question is actually about illegal copying and how to cope with the various difficulties of such illegally obtained files.

For instance .ISO’s that don’t work correctly, .RAR files that can’t be extracted or various movie formats that don’t work in their stupid software setups.

Get a fucking clue people. If you deal with illegal stuff, don’t expect support from this forum. Don’t pretend you’re stupid just because you might think i will help you. Money would help, not your tee-hee attitude.

Another thing is about questioning stuff about things i already explained, in detail, about a zillion times. Use the fucking search. Actually do something that proves me you spent time and effort to solve the problem yourself.

Last thing: If you don’t know how to locate a website, information or know how to download a program or product: LEARN HOW TO DO IT and stop bugging me about it. I’m not your [knowledge for dummies] paragraph you can grab on to 24/7.

Oh, and sometimes i’m in a bad mood and i might not even care about you and your problems. Sounds harsh, doesn’t it? That a fellow human doesn’t care about your teeny problems. Boohoo… Big bad meanie stepping on your feelings.


[li]Look at line 4 of the Java execution pathway at memory location &EA34F9. The indirect addressing branchpoint needs some adjustment.[/li][/quote]

LMAO! :bigsmile:
That’s exactly how I feel when I post questions on some of the linux forums :iagree:
I’m a complete newbie (and I tell them so) and they post this complicated response of which I understand only 20%… and those are usually the words “and”, “the” etc which are in between the big words :eek:

One of the nice things about CDF is that people are pretty friendly here - it’s good to be able to ask dumb questions somewhere :bigsmile:
(but I’m not going to ask any to Mr. Belvedere now, cos he’s scary :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: )