Helpful tips for all (newbies and oldbies)

Hello all,

In an attempt to clean up the fixed threads in this forum, I have decided to gather the information from several threads into one. To better manage this, please find below an index of topics discussed:

[li]Additional comments to our rules[/li][li]Tips on how to use our search more efficiently[/li][li][*]Filenames, what are they[/li][li]Some useful threads / sections in this forum (or MyCE in general)[/li][li]Where to find and how to use our chat box[/li][/ul]

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Dear all,

In order to keep this place enjoyable to everyone and help you find your way on this forum we have written some forum rules, guidelines and of course some tips to help you find the answer to your questions sooner.

We expect all users to read them (you already agreed to them by registering to this forum) and respect MyCE by respecting these rules. We have many moderators / (Senior) Administrators who make sure that all users abide by the rules, but the more work you cause them, the less time they will have to help you and others with their questions and problems.

Next to these rules we have some additional comments that are considered forum policy. An example of this is our ‘Politcal discussions policy’. Another example is our ‘Search policy’.

These rules and policies are here because time has proven that they are necessary. We all would like to have no strict rules, no users to be banned, no posts to be removed/edited or edited, that would save us all time that we can spend on helping you with valid questions and serious problems, so please help us out and respect MyCE by respecting the above.

Thanks and I hope you will enjoy your stay, learn from others so, in time, you can help others here too!

Kind regards,

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We all started out as a newbie, some did a long time ago, others did just recently.

The fact that your question is located in this forum either means that you yourself consider yourself a newbie or an Administrator/moderator felt your question belongs in this forum.

I noticed that a lot of people ask questions that have been asked many times over and over again. In itself very understandable, but very inefficient.

To help you in your search for an answer below a few tips that might help you using our search function:[ul]
[li]The (part of the) word you are searching for must have at least 3 characters (letters or digits)[/li][li]Try to combine words to narrow the search results by using ‘AND’ (capitalized). For example: dvd AND ripper[/li][li]If you don’t know how a word is exactly written or you want the results to also include variations of the word, you can use a wildcard ‘’. For example: 'Burn’ will also show results of ‘Burning’, ‘Burner’ and ‘Burns’.[/li][li]Try different combinations of words[/li][/ul]
When you can’t find anything through using the search you are more than welcome to post your question in the appropriate forum once (so not the same message in more than one forum, this will only scatter the discussion).

When you do post a message please respect our rules and provide as much information as possible, such as your operating system, your CD/DVD-(Re)Writer (type and latest firmware if possible), the error message (as detailed as possible) and the software (including version number) that you are using (or at least tried to use :wink: ). Also, please, use a title for your post that gives an indication of what it is about (it is quite annoying to see posts like ‘Help me please’ and may prevent people from even reading it and thus not giving you an answer you are seeking).

Hopefully you find this useful and hopefully you will find many useful postings at this forum and you keep coming back often, so you can at one time help others with their questions.

Should you have any further questions regarding this forum’s policy or you feel you have been unjustly treated, feel free to contact me through Private Message (PM).

Forum Administrator

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We often find ourself downloading files with extensions we have never heard of. With new software a new extension is often created. To learn more about the type of file, you might want to check out, an useful database for information on all kinds of file types and extensions. Furthermore, you might find the information in this thread helpful as well.

Some commonly found file types are explained below:

xxx.001, xxx002,
Winzip compressed file - Use Winzip (WinRar is able to handle this format too, as is WinAce)

xxx.r00, xxx.r01, xxx.rar
Rar compressed file - Use Winrar or Rar to open:

xxx.c00, xxx.c01, xxx.ace
Winace or Ace compressed file - Use WinAce to open:

Nero Burning Rom image - use Nero:

CloneCD/DVD image - Use Clonecd:

CDRWin Disc Image - You can use Fireburner, Cdrwin, and CD-Mate. But Nero and other programs can handle this format as well.

Standardized disc image from Roxio Easy CD Creator - You can use Easy Media Creator or almost any other burning program. You can also use Winiso, IsoBuster or MagicIso to open/edit the file.

Additions may be added later…if I feel up to it :wink:

In this forum and within the MyCE conglomerate, there are so many useful threads all over the place, you may overlook some important threads. Below I hope to gather the most important and useful links for you:

[li]MyCE News[/li][li]Syndicate our content[/li][li]European Copyright Laws explained[/li][li]Guide to choosing a music download shop and avoiding scams and con’s[/li][li]Free Downloads…Your welcome :slight_smile:[/li][li]What CDRW drive, gets past most of the latest copy protection?[/li][li]What DVDRW drive, gets past most of the latest copy protection?[/li][li]CD Backup Guides and Tutorials[/li][li]Is there a ‘best’ DVD backup program?[/li][li]How to recognize and copy and/or rip protected audio music cd[/li][li]Hardware problems, how to check?[/li][li]F.A.Q. for PC DVD-Writers (revised on 22 April 2006)[/li][li]Which 16x DVD Writer Should I Buy? (MAY 2005)[/li][li]Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD[/li][li]Turning your PC into a satellite receiver and PVR[/li][li]Media FAQ[/li][li]Useful firmware links, a must read for everybody[/li][li]Optical Storage Technical Informations[/li][/ul]

In this post I will try to maintain a list of useful threads regarding Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on this forum. If you know a helpful thread, feel free to PM me, so I can update this thread.

[li]Why DVD+R(W) is superior to DVD-R(W)

Chat box

The chat box is at the top of the forum mainpage (see attachment).

If you have any technical questions, they are best asked in the forums. There is more technical knowledge in the forums than in the chat. The chat is an addition to the Living Room forum and as such a place for fun and chit chat. In the chat box you can talk about all kinds of subjects, it is very much like a bar you can walk into and talk with friends.

In the chat box the same rules apply as in the rest of this forum. Please be aware that you may enter in the middle of a conversation and people may not respond to you directly. However, in most cases you will notice that you are welcomed in the group and are ready to participate in the conversations.

Please check out the chat box and get to know the people in real-time.