Helpful Microsoft



While i know that most of the time the Microsoft Corp. is an awful institution, but i wanted to share with you all the good thing that the company did. My husband purchased the Microsoft Bluetooth Desktop. Well he got a bad keyboard, it quit working after a couple of weeks, past the alloted time the company he purchased it from would take it back. Well to make a long story short after about 5 emails back and forth between my husband and Microsoft support the tech from Microsoft was at his wits end. Today my husband got a package in the mail directly from Microsoft it was a new Bluetooth Desktop, and not just a replacement, they sent him the better one, so it was an upgrade. They sent him a set that retails for 100-150. Needless to say i was shocked and amazed. :smiley:



Microsoft are normally helpfull (I know not allways), like when my Wireless network screwed up and it was the fault of my network card they still where happy to help (and the people who made the card where not) and they where the only company that said “we will phone you back in 48 hours” and actually did.

Ben :slight_smile:


Have never dealt with MS.Never needed to.


They restored my hotmail account when it got hacked, I find their customer support quite good compared to others.