I’m having major problems with my cd writer/dvd combo, it’s a ‘lite-on combo ltc - 481614kth2’, anyway, to start with it doesn’t read dvd’s at all, whene i put one it it doesn’t spin or anything, just makes a slight clunking noise. But i’m not bothered about that too much at the moment, what’s annoying me is when i try to burn a cd. I tried burning it through window’s, i tried burning an image file, avi file and an audio cd, all seem to work well, sounded fine, like normal and the tray ejected, like normal, but when i put the cd back in and the window popped up asking me what action i want to take, the disk is still blank. I’ve also tried burning the files using nero, sonicstage and alcohol120%, and like before it seemed to work fine, but when i put the cd in…blank, i’ve tried everything. Anyway, any help will be greatly appreciated.

p.s If you think it’s unfixable, tell me, then i can at least rest and resign myself to the fact that i’ll have to buy a new one.


EDIT - I probably should tell you that it used to work fine for everything, it still read’s music cd’s and cd-r’s that i burned before i had this problem.

Have you tried isolating this as a hardware/software issue? You don’t have any packetwriting or DLA/DirectCD_DVD based software installed do you? What DMA mode is the hardware running under? All potential contributing factors. Firmware is uptodate? Also - have you tried running the drive in a different computer?

sounds done to me. the clunk is not a good sign. the fact that it thinks it is writing and it is not also indicates a problem. if you have the ability to try it in a different machine that would eliminate software as an issue.

if i remember correctly the read/write lasers are separate and the dvd laser is most definitely a different laser than the cd laser so it may be that the write and dvd read lasers have failed but the cd read laser is still ok.