yea i cant burn this .MDF file guys, it says that alcohol will make an emulation but i need to set up some information and im new on this stuff, i wanna burn the image (MDF file) on a cd so i can use it on the other pc and install it?

Thanks a lot cus i feel so lonely, lol

BTW, now my pc say that i have 3 Cd rom units, im wonder why?


could you pleas give us informartion like what game you are trying to backup, and the burner you are using.

You might have a virtual CDROM drive enabled, that my be why you see 3 drives.

ok, i feel like a nooob.

that was very easy, i just mounted the game on a virtual drive (f thats why i see 3 units) so now its working good, i ahve jsut 1 question

1- can i use any of my original units as a Virtual one? not the F one maybe D or E, thanks.

BTW my burner is a “combo” its an LG one with DVD reader well i dont know well, i’ll try to find out.

No, you cannot. But I can’t see why you’d want to. Actual CD Drives are very slow compared to a virtual drive.