ok i’m new here guys, and i have a bit of a problem which goes as follows:

One IDE TX Venus Compact Disc Re-Writer

(+) Plus

One Lite-On Binary Flash Image

(=) Equals

Defunct Venus CDRW

Now what I need to know is if it would be possible to re-flash the CDRW with a Venus flash image, and if so how?
It happened because I tried to update firmware on a Lite-On 163D DVD ROM and in MTKWINFLASH I had the wrong drive selected. I am running Windows XP Pro with standard IDE drivers.

The drive is currently sitting in the machine with it’s reading light perminantly on and with it’s CD drawer locked shut.

Thanks in advance, Chris

— Edit:
I am now thinking that with MTKWINFLASH it would be possible to flash it with an appropriate image using IDE mode, but I do not have the image, just the firmware update EXE. If anyone can direct me to the image i require, or can provide further information, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Chris

How was the drive recognized before it was misflashed?

[I]WOW! I did it![/I]

Thanks for replying, but I managed to figure it out…

I extracted the binary image from the EXE, then flashed it.
I had to try a few times, but it now works.

That solved, I have a new problem:

I have a Lite-On LTD163D DVD ROM drive (as mentioned above). Never, since it arrived with the machine it’s currently residing in, has it managed to read a DVD. No video, data, music, nothing.

I believe it read a few select CDROMs when it was first bought, but never since. I’ve tried some firmware updates but to no avail.
I have also re-installed Windows several times, starting with XP Home, now I have XP Pro - also reinstalled numerous times :frowning:

It was trying to fix this that caused my previous problem, so I’d rather like to get it fixed and out of the way.

Thanks again, hope you can help, Chris

Oh and btw in case you were curious, the CDRW is now recognised as CDR-5W48 under MTKWINFLASH and likewise under Windows Device Manager.