hi!! i just added a dvd-rom drive to my pc, slave to my existing cd-rom drive and plugged it to the video (blue) slot. when i turned on my pc windows automatically detected the dvd-rom drive… but then i noticed that my cd-rom drive was replaced with the dvd-rom drive. so now windows xp detects only the dvd-rom, not both nor only the cd-rom. i also changed the cmos setting at bios setup of the secondary slave drive to auto… what could i have done wrong??? please help me!!

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Hi there,

I edited your post, as you wrote this with capitals. That’s pretty annoying and against our rules as well. Please read them and live by them… normally we don’t allow people to violate our rules, but as you are new, I’ll just let it be, ok?

what’s the “VIDEO (BLUE) SLOT”? and why do ppl insist on using all caps?