Help !!

I riped the bourne identity with smartripper and with dvd decrypter it turned succesfully but still have a problem … when i start dvd2one and riped the hole shit from my hd , it says :
at 50 % rip completed Why ? other movies works great

greets Wouter

The files that you’re having trouble with… where they created using Smartripper? (You listed two different rippers, is why I ask.) Since settings on the ripper can doom your project from the get-go, what settings did you use?

Try this:

Insert the original DVD into your drive and play a small bit of it. (I usually only play the FBI warnings.) Smartripper often needs a software player to unlock all of the files for processing.

Now, open Smartripper. Once it chews on the files a bit, does it list any errors? If not, make sure that you leave all settings to default – except for “Enable Stream Processing.” You DON’T want this on. Click on the tab that says “files,” and make sure all of them are selected. Then direct Smartripper to copy into a blank file you’ve created for the movie. Click “start.” Hang ten.

Once Smartripper’s done, open the VIDEO_TS.IFO file with whatever software player your computer uses. Fiddle with it to make sure everything works as desired. (If you have IFOedit, then you can skip this step by loading any IFO file into it and pressing “get VTS sectors.”) After all of that, now try DVD2ONE.

I realize that I’ve said a lot of stuff here that you probably already know – and my intent is not to insult your intellegence. I’ve found a lot of backup jobs wind up botched from the beginning because I didn’t set up the ripper correctly for the job I was doing.

If this doesn’t fix it, what errors are you getting? (If any.)