Can someone help me. I’m tryin to make a backup copy for diablo II expansion set. My first question is, is there some program that I need to use to get my cd key to work. If I use a keygen it’ll work fine. I guess it doesn’t matter about my original key. However, when I finish installing the expansion and try playing the game…I get amessage that says the expansion cd canot be verified, please enter expansion cd and press retry…but the expansion cd is already in the drive. HELP!!!

Now, i’m not going to doubt you’re intentions here like some people might. I myself felt the need to backup everything i owned just incase my CDROM drive wanted to shatter them. Although I don’t own Diablo II LOD, i can tell you that it has a method of Copy Protection on it. SecuRom v2 if i’m not mistaken.

Basically, there is NO way of cracking this. Use a NO-CD patch. might help you with this.

However - if you ARE indeed borrowing the game and making a copy for yourself, please do not set foot in this forum ever again until you fix your mind. :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry if I was misleading, but I’ve had past experiences before where my burner went berserk, and/or a virus was on my comp. I’ve already ruined my install disc for Final Fantasy VIII…I just don’t want that to happen again. Anyway thanx for the support.

Hummm, this is the wrong forum, should be in the CloneCD forum.

Anyway, this version of SecuROM is still copyable, take a look in the CloneCD forum and use the “search” button, there are more than a couple threads about making a successful backup of it in there.