OK, I’m an idiot and I need someone to tell me exactly which .bin file I need to flash my Verbatim 40x12x48 drive to convert it to a Lite-on “s” model. I tried to flash it and I get an error saying it can not open the input file. Now my drive is missing in bios and has a green light on all the time! PLEASE HELP!!


read the above thread and use the search;

I tried 2 of the .bin files from the lite-on .bin folder and when i try to flash I get an error saying it can’t open the input file. Any ideas would be helpful… as my drive is dead right now. The files I tried were: ZSOG AND ZSO8. I got errors with both files.

booted to real dos?

followed the guide correctly?

you unzipped the files first I hope?

and you did not forget the /b in the command line to tell it that the input file is a binary file?

Typed the filename correctly? remember that 0 = Zero and not O in the filename…

Did everything you mentioned to the letter. It also would’nt back up my old firmware, so I’ve got no way of getting it back to stock.