Hi guys, just wondered if anyone could help me? The problem is I have a LiteOn 16102C and wondered if there was a new firmware for it, went to LiteOn’s site and couldn’t find that model! I did find 16102B tho. Is this the same? Also my Firmware version is US52, and all the place I have looked on the net for a new firmare have firmware with names nothing like that! What firmware is the latest for this CD-RW and also, I’ve heard that it is overclockable to a 24X writer, is this true?


The 16102B and the 16102C are probably not the same models.

For overclocking, check the sticky threads at the top of the Liteon forum. OC’able models are listed there.

For firmware, check OC-Freaks firmware page. You’ll probably need mtkflash too.

ROboMop look here

Cool, very cool infact, thanx for that link! It worked perfectly! Tested with Nero, burned 700Mb worth of data at 24X speed, disc is perfect, again thanx, I’ve been looking for that info for ages!

BTW, I wasn’t originally intending to OC the drive, I was just curious if you could, but it’s getting a bit old in the tooth now so I thought, what the heck, and it worked anyway, cool!

OK, this is weird, the disc I burnt kinda gets read by windows, windows explorer opens and it shows the file, then windows locks, and the drive is left spinning at what sounds like full speed with the read light flashing. It does this in both my CD-RW drive, and my Samsung DVD drive. Checked disc with the scandisk facility in Nero CD Speed, all OK apart from one unreadable block at the very end (the very last block). The CD quality check also had no errors. Is it that last unreadable block that could be causing the problem?


Oopsy, I just realised that the first disc I did was over 705Mb, Nero did warn me, but it said it was would be OK if the disc was finalised. So, I did another disc, with less files, and it works fine, no probs reading in both drives. Please ignore previous post :).