I tried to overclock my lite-on 32123s to the 48X firmware VS02. i booted dos (boot disk) then i loaded mtkflash1.48. i had the bin file of the firmware on floppy with mtkflash i loaded the command and it found the program, i think it erased the firmware on the drive and then it couldn’t find the bin file(error findind file). my drives light stays on and can’t be found in the bios. please don’t tell me i have ruined my drive? help me oc-freak. i had firmware XSOX.

i also had it on IDE 2 SLAVE while my dvd drive was on IDE 2 master. I have 2 hard drives on the 1st IDE. one with XP and other with 98se.
this is what i typed in dos
it updated it then i got a
how do i get out of this mess?

Replace the VS02.bin firmware with XS0U.bin on your floppy. The firmware can be found here . Now reflash your drive and make sure you type XS0U.bin (zero not the letter O). Now when that is done go to Lite-On’s website and download the .exe for XS0X and run that in windows. Boom you are back! Sorry I couldn’t find a .bin of XS0X for you so you will have to take the extra step. After you do get back to XS0X you might copy that firmware with MTKFlash just to have for backup. :cool:

I DID IT. thank you very much.:slight_smile: