I’m running win98, got a samsung burner, using cd creator. All was fine until yeasterday. Whenever I try to burn something i get a message saying that there is no burner detected on the system. I’ve tried reinstalling cd creator, tried other burning software, a different burner… still same message. I’ve swapped IDE cables around, checked leads, reinstalled motherboard software, reinstalled win98, run system file check… you name it… i get the same message. THe thing is, in device manager the burner is there, with no conflicts etc. I can play CD’s and hear em, install software from the burner, everything but burn.

Does anyone know why windows recognises the burner’s existence but cd burning software doesn’t…

Appreciate it.

try shutting off the computer, disconnecting the data cable and restart it in safe mode.
go to the system in control panel remove your drive in the device manager section.
restart and try connecting the cd burner again.

hope this helps

P.S. don’t make multiple threads with the same question.

It didn’t work… any more suggestions??

Have you installed the ASPI layer ?

he uses win98, so that shouldn’t be the problem…

you can try contacting the service & support for your cd burner

It’s not the burner, i’ve tried it in another machine and it works fine. It seems to be some kinda problem with my system, either that or the main board. But then again, i’ve swapped IDE cables etc, and it makes no difference. Ive tried two burners in my machine, on primary and secondary IDE channels. When I go into adaptec cd creator, and go to tools/cd properties (or whatever)… it only comes up with my computer, whereas it should come up with that and any cd drive attached. But it still comes up in device manager with no conflicts, and even CD Diagnostic recognises it and the fact that it can read and write!!

Im going crazy, anyone got any other clues?

just back your stuff up and do a format c: (I assume you have something else then your burner to make backups)