ok, here’s the deal, I have a Teac burner that I’ve had for a while and it isn’t supported by cloneCD so here is my question. Is there a program similar to clony that will work with a program other than cloneCD?? If not, then is there a way I can make EasyCD creator 5 Platnum copy protected CDs? :confused:

I dont think there’s a program similar
to cloney that can work for a program other
than clnecd.
And no easy cd creato can’t backup protected games
Isuggest you get a new cd burner.
I recommend th liteon or plextor 24X they can both make
perfect SD2 copies

next time you should put some more information in the thread title. ‘help’ doesn’t say much.

You can try blindwrite/blindsuite. If you want to backups of protected cd’s, have you actually tried to use clonecd?
Or is that drive you have not on the list?

You probably going to hear a lot of flak about EZ cd creator,
give Nero a try. EZCD has had tons of problems and every time Adaptec/Roxio come out with a new version, all hell breaks loose in windows. I used version 3.5c&d and really didnt have a mess of problems until version 4 came out (it broke my windows build).
I dumped ezcd and tried other programs. Clonecd, Nero and

It has been stated by Adrian Miller(Roxio Support guru) in the mailing list question and answers that Roxio does not support making copies for backup purposes, nor will they.

Which liteon do you recommend?

Originally posted by Slider
Which liteon do you recommend?

the liteon 24X


I tryed a lot of burning-Programms, but still the best programm to copy 1:1 ist Clone-CD.

My tip: Sell your CD-Writer on e-bay and buy a Clone-CD-kompatible one. I’ve done it last month!


and don’t forget: vistit WIZARD’s Website and enjoy !!