Hi,I am trying to give a CD RW to my friend but it doesn't work in there cd rom drive.
I was able to close the CD RW which worked in the other CD ROM drive but now it is coming up without the exe. files etc on the cd
It is only showing the html files i have on there. What am i doing wrong


Several misstakes coould have been taken place:

  • your friends cd-drive isn’t multiread.

  • the pc is config to not shown hidden files?

  • why not use a cd-r instead of a cd-rw

  • are these files on the cd-rw one session or does it contain more sessions?

with what program did you do it?



Hi Ruff-Next_Gangsta,
The strangest thing happend. I put the CD RW in my normal cdrom and all the files were there. I haven’t fooled around with any settings. But i will keep in mind the stuff you said. I am using WIN ON CD and the reason why I was using a CD RW was cause when i get new updates for software I take of the old and put on the new and I dont have all these other cd’s around the place


Yeah strange…
But your cd-drive can read multisessions, and your friend perhaps he has a slightly differant drive than you have.

so he can’t read the cd.

Maybe if you burned it on a regular cd-r it would be ok ?