hi everyone i need the help from you memebers as i download a lot of movies i want the invitation for desitorrents website please i hope some one an help me pleaseeeeeeeeee help me

Well, the best help I can offer is three fold.

  1. Threads that are titled ‘Help’ are way too common. Most people who post on a forum generally need help. A title that [I]describes your situation [/I]is much more likely to receive a meaningful reply.
  2. Placing your post in the appropriate forum is much more likely to receive a meaningful reply.
  3. Requests for Torrent Invites are frowned upon on this forum, and if you had posted in the appropriate swction you would have seen that.

where i must post my question?

I wonder would it be the section right below the newbie. I think it called music download, peer to peer.

Moved from the Newbie forum.

[B]@romanticking20201:[/B] please don’t create more threads of the same question. Your other identical posts have been deleted.