hi, i’m pretty new to this, i’ve burned several dvd’s with no problems, but sometimes they work, and sometimes not,but i’ve been trying to burn several movies and one worked fine, but now they are all doing the same thing, even with the same files that have worked fine before, avi, etc. when i convert them, then burn, it does everything like it’s working, then i try to take it out and play it and it just has the square at the bottom left corner(for stop of course), instead of having the name of the movie and the play arrow. and when i go to the log, it has everything else normal, but then it says somethign like burning layer not ready to write , media removed. what am i doing wrong? i never had that problem before, and i had one work fine, but now they are all doing that, no matter what kind of files they are

Welcome to the site Amy78. We’ll try to help.

We need more specific information though. Which program are you using to convert the avi’s to dvd? The videos that you are starting with, are they all avi or are some mpg or wmv?

Which dvd burner do you have? Make and model. What blank disks specifically are you using? Download Nero CD/DVD Speed (free) and load a blank disk in your drive. Start the program, and it will tell us the make, model, and firmware of the drive. They will show up all on the same line near the top of the window. And if you hit the Disc Info tab, it will give us the MID (manufacturer id code) for the blank disk. With this kind of information, we will be in a better position to help you.

With all that information we should be able to help with your specific situation. If you just want some general advice on this process, this is what I would do:
Convert the avi to dvd using FAVC or DVDFlick.
Either will give you a finished dvd ready to burn, but FAVC won’t work with mpeg files as an input. DVDFlick should be able to use avi or mpeg.

Burn to disk using ImgBurn, which is a free burning program. Read the guides at the ImgBurn forum on [B]how to burn a dvd video[/B]

The most consistent blank dvds are Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden. Verbatim is available locally for most of us, but TY is often only available online at sites like or
From your post, I suspect your main problem is your choice of media. Since your player seems a bit picky I’d buy a small amount of Verbatim 16x -R and try another burn.