Alright guys, my back-up dvds will play in my computer but not my xbox 360 or my sony dvd player. My old computer with an NEC burner running XP had no problems. I just bought this new computer which is running Vista and has an Optiarc RW 7173a 1-03 . I’ve tried various brands of DVD-R media from the good stuff to the cheap media. I’ve also flashed my burner with Diggy’s modified 7173a 1-03 firmware and that didn’t work. I also tried restarting my operating system from scratch and not allowing automatic updates in case it was a problem there. I’m ready to pull my hair out. Please, there has to be a braniac out there with some quality advice

What app are you using to burn with , post the burn log, will help a lot.

K, thanks btw. I use DVD Shrink and then Nero. Just started using Nero 8 so it’ll take a second for me to find the burn log. one sec. Also, i’ve tried FAB Decrypter . . .brb

Finally, the log file lol

here’s the log file

Your burning at 18x try 8x if it goes well, i.e. work in xbox and stand alone then try 12x max. Good catch on the serial number most newbies post it for the world to steal.

I should have mentioned that I usually burn at 4x but burned at 16x on that one; however, instead of letting the burner start automatically after backing up the movie, I closed the window, opened nero, added the files, and start the burn myself. Somehow, regardless of speed, those burns will play on my 360 but still not on my standalone sony dvd player. ??? thanks for the responses and your time btw

Can you post a burn log of one that was done at 8x?

Well, the trouble is, if I use DVD shrink then automatically burn with Nero, I can’t find the burn log. . . . but that is the only way I can change the burn to 8x. If I open Nero and go to “Burn Video Disc” then I can find the log file; however the only option is allowing me to burn is maximum speed. There are no other speed options. Thanks again for your time. Also, if you respond and don’t hear from me, I’ll be overseas for a week and half in training, but I will get back. Thanks for your time

scratch that. . . I bought a new sony dvd player and, when I add the decrypted files into nero myself and burn manually, the dvd’s will play on xbox and my sony. thanks for all of your time and help. I don’t know what the problem was, but, as long as they play I guess it doesn’t matter anymore. Thanks again!!