hello everyone, i’ve got a Lite-on DVDRW SHM-165h6s drive.
manufactured sept 2006
when i put in a dvd+r dl disc, open my computer, the drive just comes up with cd cdrive?? when i tak out the dvd+r dl disc the icon goes back to dvd-rw drive???
i’ve tried to update the firmware but it says the firmware is not for my drive. my firmware is HQSA???

help please :confused:

“help!!” is a useless topic title!

Use a real burning app or you will not be able to burn DVD or DL media.

i’m using nero 7

(sorry about the title)

Then just use it, the icon change is unimportant. :wink:

i tried, but when i use nero vison it says media not supported. i using datawrite dvd+r dl. when i try a smaller file with tdk it says not enough room on disc. but thats not true

  1. The icon change is a windows bug. There is no fix and its purely cosmetic and does not affect the burning at all.

  2. Datawrit DL discs are about as reliable as a paper bag for carrying molten metal. Try a Verbatum DL disc as these are about the best you can buy. Its possible that a firmware update may fix your problems but I would not expect it to.