I got a new LG GSA-H55L installed Saturday. It worked perfectly until today. I installed the latest version of Nero and all of a sudden burning a DVD takes longer than 5 minutes with 16x speed. When I put a DVD the picture and sound gets choppy, and I uninstalled Nero and thought that was the problem. What do I do? :confused:

PC Specs
3700+ AMD Athlon 64 Processor
1gb of ram
Nvidia Geforce 8500gt
200gb hard drive
dvd/cd drive: LG GSA-H55L

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Probably a DMA issue. Follow the instructions in the link my sig to sort it out. :slight_smile:

The link that you gave me about the DMA wasn’t helpful. The DMA was already set in the primary IDE.

Did you check the Current Transfer Mode or just the (preferred if available) Transfer Mode?

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How do you do current transfer mode?

The Current Transfer Mode is exactly the same is shown on [U]How to check/enable DMA[/U]

Terribly sorry, but that problem is usually indicative of Current Transfer Mode = PIO Mode.

Of course it could be something else, but I believe in exploring the obvious first.

The DMA was already set in the primary IDE.

Are you telling us you didn’t check the Secondary IDE? That’s more than likely where your burner is if you have more than one IDE channel. Since you didn’t include your mobo specs, I can’t check if it has more than one IDE channel.

What do you mean by mobo specs?

The make and model of your motherboard, if you know it. :slight_smile: