i have a reg verson of dvd fab and bought key code. I run vista and when i enter the code it is acepted but keeps returning to the enter code/trail screen? Any ideas? :wink:

Allow it(fab) in your DEP settings it will work fine.

Sorry. A bit thick. What are DEP settings?

Data Execution Prevention

And i find them where?

1.) Open "Control Panel"
2.) Click on "System and Maintenance"
3.) Click on "System"
4.) On the left side click on "Advanced System Settings"
you will be asked for permission to continue, click continue
5.) Click on the Advanced tab and then on “Settings” in the Performance area
6.) Click on the DEP (Data Execution Prevention) tab
7.) Put a tick in the little circle next to “Turn on DEP for all programs and services
except those I select” and click on the “ADD” button and
browse for and click on the .exe file for DVDFab or
any other App then click “Open” now click “Apply” then "OK"
and close all open windows and your done.
__________________I stole this from stormjumper

Well tried that and still the same

reinstall over the one already installed(fab) then double click your key

It’s OK! We all steal from each other!:slight_smile:

Still the same. Still coming up with eneter the key or use free trail.

Hi dempsterg
Are you running Vista 32 bit or 64 bit :confused:
Are you loged on as Administrator :confused:
Try doing a “Clean uninstall of DVDFab” you will find the info on how to do this on Vista down below in my signature, after you reinstall DVDFab and adding DVDFab to your DEP list you may what to change your UAC settings also not sure how your Local Policies are set on the Local Security Settings console :confused:

what are uac settings?

No disrespect, but it appears that yo need to learn more about your system and Vista. You can probably use a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, ASK, MSN, etc. to find a tutorial that is simple and printable. I do not use Vista, but have read about it on I am also trying to learn Linux, so I know how frustrating working with a new system can be. I hope you can find what I call a cheat sheet, a 1 or 2 page printout with basic info on how to do certain tasks and defines the terminology etc.