I am having an issue with the Region Free software. I recently purchased my computer from a friend. They must have already tried to use the software at one time and it will not run for me when I download the trial. On top of that I can’t purchase right now either? Any suggestions?

What Region Free software are you talking about :confused:
are you talking about DVDidle Pro :confused:

CSS Region Free is no longer being developed by Fengtao. I believe the last version was released ~ Oct. '06.
Here’s a statement by Fengtao :

"…Dear all,

For some reasons, the development of DVDIdle products is paused, and for that, we will provide discount for the customers who bought DVDIdle products, to buy DVDFab. It need some time to implement it in our store, please wait for our news.

For DVDFab, we will continue to add new features and support for new protections.

Best Regards,