Just downloaded the newest version of dvd fab and tried to back up my copy of charlottes web and the program wouldnt even start. I inserted the disk, opened the progam and clicked start but nothing happened. I was trying to back up the entire dvd. I then thought that I would try backing up the movie only and I got a message from dvd fab that it had encountered a problem and needed to shut down. I just cant figure out why the program wont start, it always has before.

I don’t have this title to be able to try it here, but it is possible that this DVD has new copy protection or your installation of the DVDFab update may be corrupt. Try downloading again from and reinstalling. When DVDFab crashes it writes the circumstances (if it can) to an event log in a folder located at C:\Documents and Settings…username…\My Documents\DVDFab\Log in a file named Dvdfab_Event_.log . This is just a text file that you can open with Notepad and look over. Copy and paste into a reply post if you find anything relating to the crash.

The movie doesn’t have new copy protection on it as FAB copied it just fine for me :bigsmile: If you redownload FAB please see Stormjumpers sig. as he has outstanding instructions on how to uninstall and reinstall DVDFAB

Now I know why my ears was feeling hot :bigsmile:

They should be burnt off by now Tim as I refer everybody to your sig. as you have taken great time and effort to type up these great instructions and I know for a fact that they have helped many people:bigsmile: :bigsmile:

:bow: :bow: Thanks for your kind words

okay, help me out here guys…being a newbie I am not used to all the lingo…and am feeling a little inadequate to tell you the truth lol…what is Stormjumpers sig. and where do I find this valuable advice (you have helped me out before Tim and were a godsend)

Did you look for the event log I mentioned in post #2? You can also try reinstalling over the old without doing anything else. It frequently works fine (but not always). If it doesn’t you will need the “Clean Uninstall” link in stormjumper’s signature line, which appears at the bottom of any of his posts.

I would do as Signals says about the Log file :smiley: it may be some thing that can be resolved without doing the clean uninstall :bigsmile: