Hi I’m new here but hope some one could help me.
Well I used to copy my movies using DVDFAB and then Instant Copy 7, which I also used to burn the DVD’s with. But my computer crashed and I decided to install Vista on it, well everything works great, except Instant Copy. So what to do, I like the quality I get with Instant copy, and I have movies files on there that I need to burn out, so what to do ??? Is there any other software that that gives me the same quality on the images ??

Thanks Micael

Welcome to the forum Micael.

The burn quality is really down to the burner, firmware & media you use. The actually burning app has little or no effect on this.

Try ImgBurn or CDBurnerXP Pro. Both are good & free.

Thanks, well i guess I mean the quality of the process, Instant Copy re-sizing the movie with a smaller quality loss than other programs I tried before. So that is what I’m trying to get. I still want to use DVDFAB for getting to the HD and getting rid of things I don’t want, but after that I want the best possible program for the re-sizing.

Thanks Micael

You might want to try DVD Shrink then assuming that it will also run on Vista.

No assumption necessary. :wink:

That’s good to know.

Yea, it works fine under Vista. No problems at all that I’m aware of.

Well I used DVD shrink before and was not happy with the quality, Instant Copy had much better picture quality. Does anyone else have any sugestions on programs, or knows a way to get Instant copy to work on Vista, I’m using 7.0 as Instant Copy Hidden settings needs that.


Not a clue on IC. I don’t use it. I use Recode for my “heavy lifting” and if I REALLY need quality and don’t want to use a DL disc, I use DVD-RB. I think Recode has improved a lot in the last few versions. I’m not sure about PQ, but, I’ve never had an issue with it. You may want to give that a shot. Other people have said that 1ClickDVDCopy seems to have good PQ but I have absolutely no experience with it.

Thanks, I will try them out and see, otherwise I guess I have to do a dual boot and have XP installed as well, guess I need that for the old images that I haven’t burned yet.