Hi people,

I need advice before I throw my PC through the window or better still spend a bag full of money only to be told later that I all I needed was a new £2.50 widget. Anyway I had just settled down to a session on URT 2004 when the PC locked up, did the usual and re-booted. However after several attempts and a degrading level of re-boot progress, the system will not even give me a flicker. I have attempted to re-boot with the XP cd but no luck.

Can anyone give me an idea, could it be the hard drive or has the motherboard gone to join it mates in IT heaven. :o

Are you getting any lights coming on and fans spinning when you apply power?
If not, replace the PSU. (if it’s an Emachines PC take it to a repair tech as likely the psu has gone and taken the board with it) If yes, and you have an old hard-drive you could swap it out and see if you can get a working system using your XP CD. If you’re still having problems it could be down to the board, processor or memory. Unless you’ve got spares lying around it’ll be difficult to test parts individually, but if you do then that’s the way to go. Of course if you’re uncomfortable working inside the PC case then take it to a repair shop.