My copmuter does not at all recognize my drive. I had the Lite-on DVD burner installed and working properly in the secondary drive spot…my son broke the primary CD drive so I unplugged them both and tried to plug the DVD burner as the primary drive…now the computer does not recognize the drive in either spot and cannot find it when I try to install new hardware nor can I find the disk that came with it…HELP what can I do to get this to work???

Welcome to CD Freaks.

You may need to go into the BIOS at startup & redetect the hard drives (& opticals).

Is the burner recognised at startup is the first question really and if it is what device is it , eg Primary slave , secondary master etc.

Did you remember to set the jumper on the burner to Master instead of leaving
it in the slave position? I know from first hand experience it is sometimes easy
to forget to change the jumper when moving the drive to a new position I’ve
done that a time or two myself before. :doh: