Help…I’ve got nero and nero vision 3 …i have tried converting from avi and burning a movie to dvd. Unfortunately the picture is horrible…looks the the pixels are all over the place…i dont’ know where to even start to fix it. if someone could please point me in the right direction i would be so incredibly happy.

First, you wouldn’t expect the final product to be any better than the original. NeroVision normally does a fairly good job with the video and renders a viewable picture. Maybe the file you are using is causing problems for it.

Try posting your NeroHistory log and edit out your serial numbers.

You might be able to just give the properties of the files in question, and what burning settings are being used and perhaps someone might see what is wrong. The titles on the titles page will normally show what quality settings will be used during burning. The more specific information you can give, the better.

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Is the horrible picture coming from a burnt DVD played on a standalone player or from the original AVI file. If it’s the former then it’s most likely a very poor burn so we’d need to know the burner you have & what media you’re using.

Read the instructio n from following site fro conversion: