Hi Can any1 tell me how to get anydvd to work with 1 click dvd as 1 click dvd doesn’t seem to pick up that anydvd has decrypted the dvd.
Please Help

Nick, I realize you are new, but please do not crosspost, as this is a major no-no in the terms for joining this site. Please read here and see if this helps.

I also realize it may seem due to this forum having a lot of members that answers could be had quite fast. Sometimes this is true, and sometimes one has to wait a few hours for a response. I have sometimes had immediate responses; other times I had to wait 6 hours or more before I got a reply. So, you will also have to learn that patience is a virtue even here. :wink:

Check your system tray (bottom right of screen) to see if you have AnyDVD running and active.

You should see a little fox head and it should be red. If you don’t see foxy then AnyDVD is not running. You should be able to start it manually.

Start/Programs/Slysoft/AnyDVD and then ANYDVD

Once you have AnyDVD running right click on the fox and make sure you have a tick next to autostart - this means that AnyDVD will run when windows starts up.

If you see the fox but it is grey then AnyDVD is running but not Active.

Again right click on the fox and select enable AnyDVD

I am moving this thread to the AnyDVD forum where the origional post was. Quema34 explained it perfectly, so I won’t say anymore.