Hi everyone,

I’m new to this forum so please bear with me.

I have two Pioneer DVD+/-RW drives. One on my laptop I cant remember the type of DVD drive but the laptop is an Acer Travelmate 2200.
The other is in my tower and is a DVR-109.

The other week both were working fine with my home videos I’ve been editing.
The media I have been using is Maxell DVD+RW there hasn’t been a problem up until the past few days where both drive’s don’t write to DVD+Rw.
At first I thought it was bad media so I bought Phillips DVD+RW but no, still the same problem.
I haven’t installed anything new on the computers.
I use Nero 6 on the tower and NTI on the laptop.

I uninstalled Nero, re-installed it without the IN-CD. I have taken out the DVD drive checked connections, I read somewhere about the UDMA and everything seems to be fine. The DVD drive is on IDE 1 as the slave drive to the hard drive. This has never been a problem.

I just dont understand how one day it was fine then all off a sudden not one drive but two pioneer drives dont recognise DVD+RW media.

They read DVD film’s, read CD’s, write CDR’s but not DVD+RW.
On both PC’s they come up with “no media in drive” or “Drive not ready”.
I now this sounds daft but at the moment we are experiencing a lot of hot weather could this be a problem?
Maybe they have gone on strike because they working in hot weather. LOL
I know I’m clutching at straws but I have just finished a holiday film for a friend and now I cant burn it to disc.

I am open to suggestions, anything.

Many thanks


If you want to erase/format RW media, use DVDInfopro, not Nero.

To salvage data from disks, try with Isobuster.


Thanks for the help chef, I tried the DVDINFORPRO but it was telling me i had no media inserted even though I did.

What I have noticed is on a new disk it is one shade of blue.
When I put the disk in the computer it sees the disc and loads the software.
I tried to write the home movie to the disc.
It then ask me to format the disc, I click ok and the front light on the DVD drive comes on and that’s it.
I have to cancel and come out of the software.
I take the disc out and there is a darker line towards the middle of the disc.
I then inserted the disc, the light on the drive comes on and normally the software self loads but it doesn’t now.
It is now telling me there is no media inserted into the drive.
I cant erase the disc or anything it just doesn’t see it.

If it happened on one drive I could understand but two drives on seperate machines is a bit odd.


Maybe it’s just an unsupported or bad media.

Dont put the DVD drive on the same cable as the HDD.


It’s ok I have sorted it.
The drive died on me so I had to get a new one.
Everything is ine now and the movie is complete.
Although the drive in my laptop still doesn’t write to DVD’s but one working is better than none.

Thanks for all your help.