I live in Europe,Croatia and i have a problem.So far i only had a chance to see Smallville season 1,2 and 3.Here in our country publishers are very slow and there is no place to buy or rent season 4 and 5.i would like to buy that seasons and many other movies so please could anyone help me?!if there are interested people in US who could send my season 4 and 5 on DVD by post let me know.My Adress is notify me on that adress.I’m paying by post in us dollars and i’m paying really good.Thanks!

no offense, but I’m sure you’ll understand why no one would be willing to take you up on that offer.

maybe a better topic for this thread would be that if anyone knows of retailers that carry the item that will ship to croatia.

does somethin like Amazon to ship to you guys? have you researched retailers that do and do not ship to your country?

@ Supermanx,

Wouldn’t Region Code and Video Format be a factor that you might be concerned about?

In the USA all Commercial DVD Movie Titles are in the Region One region code and NTSC video format. I believe in Croatia your DVD Playback devices are set up to play Region 5 region code and PAL video format. I believe this is something you might be interested in considering when attempting to import Commercial DVD Movie Titles to your country.

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