Hi Guys…

I need some help from u

My cousine want to open a SHop in our Town for selling MOvie-GAmes… And also a distributed in our town

So i want to know about :rolleyes:

DVD Duplicators (Which One the best one and got 10 DVD Drive)
DVD & CD Printers (whats the best DVD Printer)
DVD/CD MEDIA (where i can find the GOLD DVD in the BACK and how to write this (Watch the PIC)


why do yu oneed printers and duplicators for opening a shop? are you saying he’s opening a shop for pirated movies and games?

if that’s the case then no one in their right mind will help you as that’s illegal. if that’s not the case then please explain a little more because I’m confused.

Thanks reasonsnotrules. We should be a little less confused, because these people can search for themselves and develop their own conclusions if it’s a commercial venture of this nature.

I guess unless we get a cut of the profits!!! JJ