Hi, I’m fairly new to this so Iwondered if somone could give me some help?
I have a Philips dvdrw824 writer that recognises +r disks only. I understand that there is a way to change this in order to read +/-r but I dont know where to start. Please help.

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You need to find out the current f/w, take a look here. A few models with the 824 part, but different f/w. Once you know which model you have, if there’s a f/w upgrade. Flash your drive to the latest & see if that helps.

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If you are on 3.x firmware version right now there is a quite easy way to enable dash burning on your drive.
Check out this firmware. Max 4x burns on -R’s though. :wink:

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Hi, the drive is an 824p running p1.2 firmware if that helps?

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First of all, you have to be aware of that a “upgrade” with dual format firmware might damage your drive and make it useless, your warranty will also be voided. What ever you decide to do, remember; flash at your own risk.

Check out this thread and recent posts by ala42 in this thread. (Although these threads are about a HP drive, Philips824P, HP400i/c and BenQ820 are all the same AFAIK.)
Check also for detailed information on sticker of your drive and report back.

Maybe some of our members done this upgrade can assist here please. :wink: