I own a copy of BF2 and i have my own cd keys etc and i lost the start disk due to a computer malfunction (A.K.A. i was modding my cd drive and i forgot to take out the disk and it is all stratched so it wont work anymore) so now im stuck witha broken game… So then i dl a copy of bit-torrent. (TOTALLY LEGAL BECAUSE I OWN A COPY AND THIS COPY IS FOR ARCHIVAL PURPOSES .IF U WANT ME TO PROVE THIS I WILL I HAVE PICTURES OF ME AND MY GAME) and now im trying to mount the game using alcohol but i cant make an image from the files i got… Is there a way to make an .mdf from a foldere or do i need another program???

Sorry, although I sympathize with you, it isn’t legal. Whilst you are permitted to make an archival copy of your original, it cannot be a copy of a copy that itself is an infringing copy. Any copy distributed by bit-torrent is an infringing copy since whoever made it had no right to distribute it in that manner (or at all).

I suggest that you contact the game’s distributor and ask for a replacement of your damaged original. Most will supply a replacement at a significantly reduced price if you can prove purchase of your original (as, apparently you can).

Then you can make a legitimate back-up copy in case of future accidents.