I have a new HP media Ctr. desktop PC. I have been using AnyDVD & Clone with no problems. Unfortunately, this computer came with Sonic software which won’t make a simple copy of a NON copy guarded DVD. HP told me to call tech support. They want me to wipe the drive which means Clone & AnyDVD are gone. I think I put the keys on a CD. How would I re-install those softwares if I end up re-doing the operating system on this pc? Also, sonic won’t make copies on my other HP pc. (Dumb, huh?) I bought a new Sony DRU-800A burner which also works well with Clone & AnyDVD. I will NEVER buy anything from HP again!!! I also want nothing to do with Sonic as it’s GARBAGE. But, I’m stuck with both. (Getting divorced was so much easier). Can anyone help? I don’t even have a CD to re-install sonic. HP has it built into the Media Ctr. pc. Thanks all. :confused:


Woa woa woa. Good lord. First and foremost, don’t wipe the machine. Tech support morons. Second, uninstall Sonic completely. Add/Remove programs should manage that for you. Third, buy something like Nero, Alcohol, or CopyToDVD to replace the pathetic Sonic with. I use CopyToDVD these days. Nero is also good. A lot of people love Alcohol. In any case, any of those apps will do what you want. There’s no reason to wipe the entire machine just to get rid of Sonic, however. Good luck!


I have a Nero disc that came with my Sony burner. HP told me not to use Nero with their PC’s. They told me Nero conflicts with??? That’s why they use Sonic. They did not provide me with a Sonic install disc. I can easily delete it. I’m sure that you can appreciate the idea that I do not want to disturb AnyDVD or Clone. How would I put them back in if I did a full restore? Is the “key” an installer also? I don’t know.


HP also told you to wipe the machine to get rid of Sonic. Not very inspiring tech support if you ask me. I’d give Nero a try AFTER removing Sonic. That DEFINITELY means the DLA application they install, as well. The only “conflict” with their machine that I can think of is with the crappy Sonic application.

As for reinstalling CloneDVD and AnyDVD, this is not exactly difficult. You download them from Slysoft(thus giving you the latest which you want anyway) and install them. After they are installed, you import the keys into the registry and you’re good to go. Nothing more to it than that.


OK, Here is the extra problems. I know I was dumb for buying another HP PC after having some minor scrapes with the Pavillion #521. I bought the new HP as they had a good sale with exc. $$ terms. I ended up upgrading every major piece in the system. NOTE: To all you audiofiles- I bought a set of Klipsch PC speakers for $150 @ Best Buy. They are “Pro Media #2.1.” I have had numerous Klipsch since 1980 and they are super-(Unlike the HP PC #2)

Back to the PC. Since it was new this unit has had many occasions to forget its display and sound settings. The media center has crashed at least 12 times. Most of what is happening is fairly regular with no pattern.

I really didn’t want to send the HP back as I really like it when it doesn’t break my hump. I bought the whole setup through HP’s online mail order center.

As more than 30 days has gone by I can’t return it for another unless one of HP’s tech Support supervisor’s OK’s it. I’m let down as the Media Center really is a fun thing to have.

So all I’ll have to do is go to the 2 Sly sites and request a download? After will I get prompted to use the keys? Thanks all. :cool:


Sorry, I forgot to mention 1 thing. The older HP PC made several perfect copies from NON copyguarded discs AFTER I turned AnyDvd off. That trick didn’t work on the new pc. I also have strange experiences with certain HP tool utility windows opening up. The only problem is part of the boxes is not complete. I can’t click on next or continue. Call me foolish or whatever…


Yikes. This is why I build my own machines. Of course, I couldn’t build a laptop so I went with Dell’s Inspiron 9300 which performs as well as one of my home made machines. I’m a software engineer and have been involved in computers for well over 20 years now. Started out on a vic 20. Anyway, I can tell you what I’d personally do, but it will be of little use to you I think. I’d wipe the machine and reinstall it from scratch. NOT from their stupid restore image. All that will do is put all the HP crap back on. When I got my laptop that’s exactly what I did…backed up the factory ghost image they had on a hidden partition and then used the Windows XP Pro disc that came with the machine to install it myself the way I want. The machine’s been nearly flawless since. Since I doubt that’s an option for you, the best I can tell you is that if removing the Sonic software and installing something better like Nero or whatever doesn’t solve your problem, then you are likely going to need to re-image the machine per the idiot tech’s instructions and start over. If you do that, the first thing I’d do is remove the Sonic software BEFORE reinstalling AnyDVD and CloneDVD. To reinstall AnyDVD and CloneDVD you simply download the trial versions from the slysoft site. After they are installed and you reboot, they’ll tell you that you have 21 days left on the trial. Close out of them and double click on the key files on your backup cd. This will register them so that they are no longer in trial mode. From there on out you’ll be good to go. I wish you the best of luck as I think you’re going to be in for some pain before you get all this resolved. If you’re not comfortable reimaging the machine yourself, you might check to see if Geek Squad has any tech’s near you. I don’t often recommend them to people but in some instances it could be worth paying them the money to come out and deal with the issue.


Hi, I have 3 system recovery discs they sent to me. I can’t even make backup discs. I pd. $300 for 3 yrs. unlimited support, parts, and labor. Best buy is local with the Geeks. I have no install disc for Sonic as it was pre-installed at the factory. I don’t understand why this OS is screwing up royal. HP told me their tech support people are the only ones to let me return this unit, but I have to do the wipe 1st. What a F-----g piece of S–t this PC is!!! I must have rocks in my head for buying another HP. I guess it’s time to call India. Bummer.


India tech support. Gotta love that! I don’t envy you at all. I definitely would not buy anything HP espeically printers. But, they’re not high on my list for PC’s either. Unfortunately, you’re stuck with it which rather sucks. And the Sonic install is part of the recovery discs. That’s why there’s 3 of them…it’s just basically a ghost image that overwrites the entire hard drive with the factory install image…which unfortunately includes all their crappy software. The Geek Squad guys can reimage the machine with the recovery discs and then remove all the crap to make the machine lean and mean. That’s the reason I mentioned them. The HP techs will probably walk you through reimaging the machine(make SURE you back up anything critical first!!! You WILL lose the entire contents of the hard drive) but they will NOT help you remove all the HP specific crap that gets installed. Hence I consider that only half a solution in your case.


I backed up most everything of value. Now I’m on hold for the 2nd time. Some VIP service plan. HP is a piece of s–t co. They have a new CEO and I see this jerk laid off 15,000 workers. Probably sends all the jobs to India. The American people should never have allowed this global economy crap to start with NAFTA & GATT. No we’re stuck with the leftover table scraps for US workers. :frowning:


I went through the recovery. Sonic ate another blank after saying it read the 1st DVD. I got the same message- Writing error. Put in new disc. I paid $80 for the Sonic software. Now I have no way to make simple non copyguarded copies. I guess I’ll have to call India again. This PC sucks!!


Are you sure it’s not the software that sucks, i’d get rid of sonic and use Nero, you’ve got to try Nero as your getting nowhere with Sonic & about the conflicts, i wouldn’t worry about it. I’ve got clonecd, clonedvd2 & nero running on this PC and there’s not any conflicts at all, there just trying to keep face about the dud program they sold you. IMO


Do you have an HP pc? I was told not to install Nero on this pc. Is there anything simple to just make copies from an existing non copy guarded DVD? Why do some people have good luck with Sonic & I have no luck? Is it an HP/Media Ctr. PC issue?


Did a quick read of the thread, maybe I missed something. Why do you need the Sonic s/w? CloneDVD2 should be able to copy and burn an unprotected DVD without Sonic or Nero as far as I understand.


No, i’ve a Mesh PC (UK) i think that they have to justify the software they sold you with there system, also if they sold you the software there must be a cd or a setup file (to be backed up) for any reinstallations.(could also be built in to there restore cd’s)

My mate has a HP and i installed Nero on it, there’s no conflicts on it that i know of.

btw, is sonic now a part of roxio?


Bingo! I put my copy into Clone. It read, then wrote to my blank and plays perfect! Two more questions. First, should I delte Sonic out of my computer? Two, I have Nero and can install it. Someone at HP told me Nero conflicts with their machines. I only would use Nero or Sonic for an occasional copy from a copy. What are your opinions? I’d like to know your thoughts on this on. Thanks. :cool:


Screw what HP told you about Nero. Get RID of Sonic like we discussed before and put Nero on after Sonic is gone. Trust us on this one. You’re likely to have FAR less issues. Just make sure that if DLA is installed that you get rid of it, as well. Packet writing softwrae like DLA cause no end of problems and conflicts. You’re almost there. :slight_smile:


Didn’t know that, looks like another piece of crap software is about to get even crappier, now that Roxio took the reins.


What is DLA?


Sorry for the delayed response. Currently trying to get my second Motorola DCT6412 HD DVR working. Our first one works fine but we wanted one for the bedroom and it’s giving me nothing but problems. Uh, anyway, to answer your question, DLA is “Drive Letter Access” and is a royal piece of dogware. It might not be installed on your machine, but, if it is, get rid of it. Roxio, Sonic, BLAH! They both suck. Nero is definitely the way to go as is CopyToDVD/BlindWrite.