i need some help. i started burning a DVD with CloneDVD2 with my LG GSA-4082B burner and noticed the light was flashing, and yet the program said it was still at zero percent, and it stayed like that for a while, with 8x DVD+R media and the burner set to maximum. i thought the program had stopped responding so i clicked the close button, but when that did nothing i went to the task manger and closed “CloneDVD2.exe” and then ejected the disc i knew was a coaster and chucked it. now my burner will not read any media at all, whether it be DVD movies i bought, burned, or even blank discs. it will not play any CD media either. the light just blinks a few times then stops and the my computer screen still says “DVD-RAM Drive” i knew it wasnt the discs cuz i testeded them in my H-L Data Storage GCC-4480B DVD/CD-RW and all the movies played fine. is there anything i can do to make my LG burned word again, i dont feel like paying 65$ for a new LG.

Windows XP Home Serivce pack 2
38.2gb drive C: with 21.8gb free
111gb drive E: with 73.4gb free
my messed up LG burner on D:
an emulated DVD drive on F:
my H-L Data Storage on G:
512mb ram
2.2ghz celeron