ok i used clonedvd2 to back up meet the fockers . when i watch it in my pc dvd and rw they work just fine . but when i put them in my household dvd players . the intro comes on i can select play then either or theater version or extended . either way i choose it statrs to play and i see protetion screen from a company for protection and then it goes to the extras screen for bloopers and stuff but i cant get the back up to watch the movie . but it works fine on my puter . any suggestions thanks :confused:


CloneDVD version? Are you using AnyDVD, if so what version? What OS are you using? What Drive did you use to burn it? What brand and type of media are you using?

I don’t know of any psychics on the forum, so you will have to post everything you are using if you expect anyone to be able to help you. :wink:


clonedvd2 anydvd , xp pro , soney dru-720a fuji film thanks.


DLMind, he gave him what you wanted, why don’t you help him??


Maybe he’s in BED

Also he said in his post that anyone would help him…!, You…!


You are correct, I was in bed.

@mcarthur70 - Are you using DVD+R or DVD-R? Also, check if you have AnyDVD set to remove annoying adverts & trailers , prohibited user operations, or PC-Friendly autorun. Make sure those boxes are UNCHECKED, burn another copy and try it in your standalone.

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