Help! YUDEN000T02 source in Canada? Fujifilm no longer on sale




I recently bought a 25-pk spindle from FutureShop in Toronto. They had 100-pk spindles of MIJ FujiFilm 8x DVD+R for 49.99 Canadian. This was the YUDEN000T02 media code.

In short, I bought a 25-pk spindle to test it out on my LiteOn SOHW-1673S and it was the most fantastic media I’ve ever seen. It just blows my mind.

I didn’t get the 100-pk because I was short on cash, and someone on this forum suggested that that is a standard price anyway. Here’s the problem: I’m running out of discs already! And the FutureShop sale is over (it is now 79.99) and I can’t find MIJ FujiFilm spindles anywhere at a decent price.

If ANYBODY knows of a Canadian source (to avoid customs delays/charges) to get genuine TY YUDEN000T02 8x DVD+R spindles, please let me know. I found a couple but the prices far exceeded that of 49.99 CAD for 100 MIJ FUJIs.

I will consider any genuine TY source: Fuji, Sony, TY itself, whatever. Just please PM me if you have a lead!

I really should not have listened to that poster and should have blown the 49.99 since I knew that batch/shipment appeared to be good. :frowning:


London Drugs and Super Store usually carry Fuji TY - and +R, only in 25 packs though.:slight_smile:


there is another sale on bestbuy, 9.99 for 25-spindle fujifilm 8x.


here is the link for DVD-R

this is the link for DVD+R

both are on sale at $9.99


Thanks for that. I tried ordering some. The web page said it had over 180 units in stock, but when I go to checkout it says out of stock. I guess I’ll wait and see.

Hope this stuff is the MIJ Fujis. :slight_smile:


If you are ordering on line the -R may be ProdiscF01 and Not TYG02, the only way to really tell is have the cake box in your hand. If it says Made in Japan you are set, Best Buy Canada carries both Made in Taiwan and Made in Japan -R. HTH.:slight_smile:


So these Fujifilm’s are real TY’s?

Anyone of you guys have a pic of the top surface I’m planning on going to BB this weekend to get 2 packs of these.

I dont want the surface to have too much branding on the top.


Here If you look at the side of the Cake Box you will see Made in Japan. HTH. :slight_smile: Hmmm. My link doesn’t seem to work so go to and look for Fuji under Blank Media.


yep thnx for that.

But any chance of a pic/scan of the top surface of these Fuji’s?


Hmm… I’m also reading up on these Fuji’s, and that some of them (-R) could be RITEK03 or something, and also if it does not come in a TY cakebox then it might not be TY ones.

Would these qualify as TY cakeboxes?


Am I going over the top here? or can I just be rest assured that when I walk into the store and see it as MIJ then I can be sure these are TY’s?

Sorry for all these questions. I’ve been using my Ridata 4x RITEKG04’s and feel like switching over to some TY’s.

Tired of my RITEKG04 quality, notice pixelation here and there when movies are burned on them, and its not the movie because I played it on my comp before burned onto the discs.


Read Post #6 above!! Yes Made in Japan is a sure bet. Just did a quick google and didn’t come up with a pic of the disc. 25 and 50 Pack cake boxes like you have above have a blue paper label over the top of the discs so you can’t see the discs anyways, the 100 packs do not and you can see the discs. They are frosted matte finish with a shiny Fujifilm DVD+R 8x imprint. Again if it says Made in Taiwan they wont be TY. YUDEN000 T02 DVD+R and TYG02 DVD-R (AKA) Fujifilm 8x MIJ are much better Quality than the media you mentioned. Good luck.:slight_smile:


thnx for the good explanation man. appreciate it. :slight_smile:

So I went down to my local BB today and they were sold out of the $9.99 25 pcs cakebox Fuji’s might get shupment on Wednesday. I checked the Fuji 50 pc cakeboxes and I found that only the DVD+R are made in Japan, while the DVD-R are made in Taiwan. The +R was in a Taiyo Yuden cakebox type.

That sucks cuz I wanted the (-R) mostly. But I also found that they sold box of 5’s -R for $7.95 and they were made in Japan…

So for cakeboxes only the +R are MIJ and not the -R ??