Help : xsvcd



i came across a site where i found some xsvcd videos that i want to download. the problem is i’m new to this type of video format; and need info and details before i proceed the download.

what i wanna know is… can xsvcd be burned in a cd(700MB)? and in a DVD+R single layer? which will be played in a DVD or VCD player. is there any difference if burned in DVD or CD in terms of quality and length?


XSVCD refers to a nonstandard variation in SVCD.

It would be burned to CD, eiter as a CD image (assuming it’s a BIN/CUE), or if it’s an MPEG2 file in XSVCD format, it would be burned as SVCD, with standards compliance off.

Since SVCD formats use MPEG2, it would not play in a VCD (MPEG1) only player, though it should be acceptable to most DVD players.