Help xbox 360 troubles



I have done everything that Ive learned on YouTube forums and still can’t seem to get my Xbox 360 game to work on my Xbox 360. I have Verbatim DVD+R DL, I use the 2133520 for the layer break, I have ran it on speeds 2.4,4.0 and 6.0, My driver is a all in one driver that has dual layer burning drive but can only put it on [D] HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GT30N- [FW 1.01]-[ATAPI] , i EVEN TRIED THE LAYER BREAK 1913760 AND WHEN i PUT IT IN THE XBOX 360 IT SAYS Play game and then it looks like it will play but it doesn’t please help I don’t know what else to do I have waited over 20 discs doing everything…:sad::sad::sad::sad:…o i use img burn too. My drive freeware


Hi and Welcome!

an Xbox is designed to work with original media. So stick with that.



ok thanks


It is possible but the last time I looked at this it was very difficult.

At that stage you needed special hardware to be able to do it including a specific DVD writer with custom firmware.

That may have changed since then although I doubt it but check out some of the dedicated Xbox 360 forums and you may find additional info.