Help wth AnyDVD and Mac



I have no idea what I am doing here! I am trying to download and install AnyDVD but I can get it to download but I cannot get it to install! I have a MacBook laptop that is able to burn cds and dvds so I’m lost! Also, is it ok to just trash what I have downloaded and empty or do I need to do something different and start over? Thank You! :doh: :bigsmile: :o


Welcome to this forum of CDFreaks; if you have had previously AnyDVD installed and your trail period has been expired then you cannot install again unless you reformat your hard drive.


AnyDVD is for Windows platform, not Mac, so that might explain why you can’t aquire it properly.

If you have a Windows emulator for the Mac then it might run under that, but I’m not sure.

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I don’t know if that helps:
From the version history: 2006 11 30

  • New: Runs under VirtualPC on PowerPC MACs

Or is this something different?


mlkc05 -

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It might be helpful to explain exactly what you are referring to.



Yes, that’s the one and I thought I’d seen it somewhere before in the changelog. VirtualPC is a Windows emulator for the Mac.

However IIRC the MacBook isn’t a PowerPC-based so that might affect the compatibility.


Correct. The MacBook replaced the iBook and PowerBook. It was the transition to using Intel processors.


What program would you suggest for my type of laptop? and where could I find it? I really like the idea of the trial period that anydvd offered. Thanks for all your help everybody!


Also, I am new at this so I’m not exactly sure what you are referring to when talking about the versions and stuff. I’m sorry! Thank you! Please, continue to bear with me!


You can try VMware for the Mac (aka Fusion) which is currently a beta. You could also check out Parallels Desktop for Mac.


You guys are awesome with your responses! You are so quick and understanding! Thank You for all of your help! I am still open to all suggestions! But, I am going to look into this suggestion.


Yeah I heard great things about Parallels. :iagree:

@mlkc05: I suggest you also email SlySoft about compatibility of AnyDVD with your MacBook. We have a good developer presence here on CD Freaks, and they may look in sometime…


Excuse the off topic reply, but, Parallels is an incredible program. I use it on my Vista laptop to run an XP environment for things that aren’t Vista compatible. It’s VERY fast. If the Mac version is anything like the Windows version, AnyDVD should FLY on that thing!


Cool! I am in the process of downloading Parallels right now.


Are you getting the Mac beta or the released version? The beta apparently has a mode that can run Windows apps seemingly on the Mac desktop essentially hiding the Windows desktop. I’ve read that it’s a very impressive feature and sounds like it could be just what you’re looking for if you want to run CloneDVD and AnyDVD. Don’t forget, AnyDVD will only work in the virtualized environment, so, Mac apps won’t see the DVD as decrypted…only Windows apps in the VM environment.


Im using any dvd and clonedvd.On My 20 inch Imac with pioneer external firefire dvd running parallels.and it just rocks bye far anydvd and clonedvd2 works great if you have a mac with the new intel chips this is the only way to go!!!


Holy crap! You’re saying you got AnyDVD to recognize an EXTERNAL firewire burner inside Parallels!!! Damn that’s really kuel!!!


ya and the cool thing its faster threw parallesl burning dvds with anydvd and clonedvd


That is truly awesome! Well, I can’t say that I’m COMPLETELY surprised…Parallels is a WONDERFUL product but that is VERY impressive to say the least!


Just a note: You could use Apple Bootcamp (free) to install Windows XP native on INTEL Macs.