HELP ! Written DVD-R shown as Blank DVD, non backed up data

Hello Friends,

I had written huge amonut of Photos from Digital camera on 1 DVD

National DVD-R 16X media, written @ 8X with LiteOn 1693S KSOB

it was working fine on my PC, DVD player,

after 1 year, with some scratches, it is not opening on my PC and another PC.
my LiteOn writer Shows it as Blank DVD !!! :Z

I had very Important pictures on it, and it did not had any backup :o .

Can anyone please help me what to do?
I want to recover all pictures :sad: ,

PLEASE tell me what to do?

Dr. Jimit Vadgama

To get this straight: Your drive can read other DVD-R that you’ve burned, but not that one DVD-R? And that one DVD-R doesn’t work on another PC? It may be that your disc has deteriorated.

You may have to try to find someone with an LG drive or buy an LG, if that is the case. They can sometimes be miracle readers, reading over stuff that even LiteOn drives can’t read.