[HELP] Write speed stuck at 2x [..Emprex..]

I have came across this thread in other brand of writers, such as the pioneer one, and seems like that lots of people are hving this problem that the writing speed is stuck at 2x no matter what your writer is.
I’m posting this thread becuz Im facing the same problem here with a Emprex 1004 writer. And if anyone here have any kind of experience of suggestions please let me know so I can save 15 min on every disc by goin up to 4x hopefully.

Here are some deatils about my situation.
1)Im hving a emprex 1004, when I check my device manager, it says it is connected as UDMA mode 2. And i’m using a 80pin cable.
2)MainBoard i’m using is from ECS, chip set said to be Intel 848P and 82801EB.
3)Whenever I use nero and have the actual speed displayed it said 1.9x
4)Media im using is from Ridata Ritek G04 4X DVD-R

And I really hope that I can get to the 4x speed I’m supposed to be getting. Thank you in advance.

Hi Greasy:

You can try to re-install the nero.

Best regards.

This is a problem with the firmware. If you only use Riteks, you might want to downgrade to firmware 43. That was the last firmware that allowed Riteks to burn at 4x reliably. If you use other medias that aren’t supported by firmware 43 (check the changelogs), you might want to try flashing it using a 1008 fw. This is what I had to do.

I tried that but it didnt help. BTW my Nero is version

Are you saying that you can flash a 1008 firmwire to a 1004 drive? Are u sure it wont damage the drive? Have you done it yourself ? Did your drive work properly after so ?

Hi Greasy

reinstalling nero is not the solution, the problem from 1004 and ritek g04 medias is well known here for a long time.

it´s like mvc said, the only solutions are the firmware downgrade to 0043 (you can find the fw @ dangerous brothers firmwarepage) or a dos firmwareflash with 1008 firmware.

pls see this thread for more information about the problem.


I just check on the Dangrous Brother site but they dont offer the 0043 firmware anymore. Do u hv any idea where els can I get the 0043 firmware.
Can can u pls talk a little more about the DOS flash 1008 version u were talking about ?
One more thing, if I used the DOS flash to a 1008 version and something goes wrong, will I still be able to flash it back to a 1004 0051 or wtever? cuz I dont wanna totally burn up the drive


a flash can always go bad, but in normal case all is ok, under dos you can always flash back to 1004, and in many cases u are also able to recover a dead (reason: unsuccessful fw flash under win) drive.

The file cannot be download. Can u please find a working one for me … ty

go here: http://tdb.rpc1.org/#DRW1004IM

and then click on the 0043 link