Help! Write Data Failed - Sense Key 05,26,00

I’m getting the above error when I try to burn a DVD. Here are the juicy details:

I am using Verbatim DVD-R discs that I used, the same spindle, on my Mac without a problem. Now I have Vista on a brand new HP, with DVD2Onev2 as my shrinking and burning software. This is the very same setup I had on my Mac (and without any problems with burning nearly 50 DVDs).

I am using DVD Decrypter to rip all of the files onto my hard drive, then I use DVD2Onev2 to shrink and burn them. However, after shrinking and processing, right before it’s ready to burn, the error message pops up and cancels the burning. I have tried this with different TS_Video folders and am doing the exact same things that I did with my Mac. So what’s going on?

Any help is appreciated! I have nearly 50 Gigs of DVDs I need to get off my hard drive ASAP.


If it helps any, the DVD writer is an HP Lightscribe writer.