Help:working FW for LDW851 on -R media



I upgraded my dvd writer from a Toshiba5002 to a Liteon851: I must say I’m a bit disappointed…except for the speed, on dvd-r media writing seems very inaccurate, and it’s definitely not a media quality issue, since I burnt a pair of Memorex MBI and a Verbatim MCC getting in the end readable dvds but movies with choppy and pixellated last 1/4 hour. (with Toshy this just used to happen on Princo Quixo and other crap media…) Upgrading my firmware from GS08 to GSOH things seemed even to get worse. Only Ritek g04 produced some fully readable copies. Is there a firmware better than this last GSOH I should try to get best results with dvd-r? It’s unlikely for me to jump to +r format since I’ve got something like 40 or 50 dvd-r media still on my shelves and my player’s not officially compatible with +r.
Thanks a lot so far 2 everyone.
MySYS: AthlonXP2500@2100 on A7N8X DL, 512Mb ram, Liteon XJHD166 as dvd reader.


I think GS0H is the best firmware for -R.
I had some problems also with -R media on my 451 with the last fw GSB7.
GSB6 gave the same results.
So I decided to change my 451 in 851.
Now results are ok with GS0H (excepts some pb on +RW media). GS0A and GS0C gave poor results for me.
I test this drive with Ritek G04 only.
May be you can use a different burning program (recordnow is supposed to give better compatibility)


Gs0F works just fine on my 851S. I’ve burned and scanned some CMC media, which you can see here :
(last post there).
If it works that well with CMC media, I think it will do even better with better -R discs, like Maxell, MCC and TY.


You can try using the Sony U18a firmware on your Lite-On. It gave me beautiful scans in the beginning but starting to spike on me so I had to revert back to GSOH. It make work better for you. Just remember that you shouldn’t burn any DVD-R at 8x with it. Please post some K-Probe scans if you do the Sony mod.


It’s a good idea, JetSyn! Worth trying. Just one slight problem… C0deKing’s download link in that page is out-of-date, and I had long ago removed my own download link in that thread… so… let’s try this…

If you want to try a 451S@U18A or 851S@U18A, download the 51S@U18A firmware from here:

This firmware above was specially patched for the 451S/851S@U18A (as in, use it on a 451S or a 851S, but not on a 812S). Read the enclosed documentation before using. The documentation also provides more details on what was patched.

There are people who have reported that this results in better -R burn quality for 451S/851S drives… but of course, your results may vary…


Thanks very much you all.
I think I’ll try first GS0F, then, in the long run, I could take the risk with the Sony mod.