Help with Youtube converter

I have been trying to get some help with my youtube converter i bought but no one seems to answer these things. I downloaded the free trial of the youtube converter and was able to convert 2 of the videos to my zune, after that i was unable to convert anything. I bought the program a day later thinking it might help but NOPE. Still does not work. Is there anyone who can help me with this issue? I have tried contacting the ImTOO support people but they seem to ignore or not answer my emails so im am looking for any help. Thanks

I think you will get your answer from imtoo support team today or tomorrow, because the 6th and 7th are their weekend, don’t worry about that!

i have used youtube for downloads also. they always were in .flv format which i had to find a converter for that. took some time and i found a few but then i found this wonderful site…that is free for now…where by you can choose which format you want to download your video.

i have found it much easier to download videos and NOT have to convert it.

Welcome to cd freaks :cool:

There are several helpful and free alternatives that do the job perfectly well.
If you use [B]Firefox[/B], then you should install [B]Video Download Helper[/B]…this is fast and offers various save and format conversion options. :clap:

In addition, there are [B]online converters[/B] such as [B]Zamzar[/B] and [B]Vixy[/B] where you just enter the URL of the video, or audio you want, or even upload a file from your own computer, and it will convert it for you…and email a link where you can download it from…also quite fast, free, and saves the agony of having to deal with spammy and expensive suggestions which may or may not work anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way…once you´ve got the file, or version of the file you are interested in…you may be interested in a powerful free converter such as [B]Super[/B] and [B]Format Factory[/B]. Super is quite complicated but really can do heaps of stuff once you know how, whereas Format factory is really quite intuitive and fast.

Have fun.