Help with XP freeze LDW-811s Please

Periodicaly XP Pro will freeze/hang when inserting a disc in my 811s. Drive will spin up and everything will freeze resulting in having to do a hard boot. Sometimes it will occur during a write, yet the write will continue to the end but everything else is frozen. Here’s my configuration:

Intel D865PERL motherboard

P4 3.0HT processor

2X512 crucial DDR3200 dual channel mode

Two WD 80gig 7200 RPM 8MB cache Primary IDE channel master and slave

LDW-811s Master secondary IDE channel
LTR-52327S Slave sencondary IDE channel

Aopen GeForce 5600XT 265MB AGP8x

Avermedia TVStudio PCI TV card

Windows XP Pro SP1 RU1

VCOM System Suite 5

Nero 6 Ultra Edition

DVDShrink 3.1

Any help GREATLY appreciated.

What size powersupply do you have in your PC? Your configuration sounds like a nice powerconsumer. Especially the 3GHz CPU and the two 7200rpm disks are rather powerhungry. constant freezeups are often caused by an underdimensioned psu. When the DVD writer spins up or writes a disk, it pulls some extra juice, which can be the little bit too much. Memory problems can also cause freezeups, as can thermal problems.

I had similar problems at one stage but replacing the 2 harddrives I had by one and getting to a stronger psu fixed them.


Firstly, Thanks for the reply!
Currently using a powmax 300W psu, just purchased an Enlight 420 from newegg tonight (three days to wait!) as I thought the same as you. It froze up again while writing a Memorex DVD+r earlier this evening…the burn completed without error but mouse,keyboard etc frozen solid. Hard boot was the only way out.
I have the current firmware (HSOK), DMA enabled, 80 conductor cable, and temps (acording to Intel monitor) are 91-82-84 Farenheit (Processor/System zone 1/System Zone 2 respectively). Voltages are in the green as well. This is quite frustrating. Any other ideas?

I’m amazed it ran this long on 300 watts.

But while you’re waiting, make sure you’ve patched to the latest version of Nero,, and if Intel Application Accelerator is installed, dump it.

Also use Nero Info Tool to check your ASPI layer. If the files are anything but 4.60, search for ForceAspi and run that to roll them back.

Those symptoms could also be just bad media.

ASPI32.SYS 4.71

Intel application accelerator not installed as the RAID edition is only one available for the D865 mobo.
I don’t think it’s the media as it will freeze up if I put any kind of disk in i.e. read only installation disc, audio cd, previously burned DVD etc…

hi, I am having a similiar problem. Will appreciate any help. thanks.

My system is:

Intel 3.0ghz HT
512MB ram
MSI 865PE Neo
JLMS XJ-HD-166s DVD Drive
Liteon 52x24x52 CDRW drive
80GB Seagate SATA
Leadtek GEforce 5700 256mb
Windows XP Pro SP1

It looks like the new power supply helped because he didn’t report back saying it didn’t help. Have you tried a new and/or higher quality power supply yet?

Well, I should have repied, but the power supply didn’t solve the problem. I tried another new DVDrw (same 811) same problem. I did, however, purchase an Optorite DD405 ($69 at newegg) and no more problems.

I have the exact same problem with my SOHW 832S.

My specs are

P4 3.0Ghz HT
Epox 4PDA2 mobo
1Gb of Corsair ddr ram
2x 160Gb sata hdd with 8mb buffer
GeForce FX5900Ultra with 256Mb
I think my power supply is 350W.

Oh, I’m new here, hello everybody.


Hmmmm, perhaps a fresh OS install will rectify it :wink: