Help with wxripper plz

im new to this so be gentle . ive just started trying to backup 360 games with wxripper im useing i 7.95gig movie i do the hot swap press dump it all goes good till the second last line then it stops on 183296 and a notice comes up saying system.10.10 exception there is not enough space on the disk any help would be great and again im very new to this so can u keep it
simple plz

btw i have tryed this with 4 differant games and its always the same

hot swap method is not reliable.

use the XBox360 itself (if you got a Hitachi drive this wont work but anything else (i.e. Samsung/BenQ/Liteon) you can use it) to rip the original game or get a Kreon drive. those are your only realistic options if you want quality backups every time.

also you will want to use XBC ( Xbox Backup Creator v2.9.0.306 - )

ty for the info …2 things can u tell me fow to use xbox itself ti backup games and the link to xbc when i downloaded it and tried to open it it said unexpected end of archive can any one help or anyone know of another site to get xbc v2.9?

just a little info i just checked out my 360 drive its either a benq or a liteon i cant tell without pullin the 360 apart

yeah BenQ should be fine and so should Liteon but if your currently using the newest firmware (i.e. iXtreme v1.6) they have a built in 0800 mode in it which allows for game backup.

basically you will have to open the case on the XBox360 in order to use the XBox360’s DVD-ROM itself to read the game data back to the PC with XBC.

With drive in Windows mode (Tray half open on powerup) 0800 mode is activated allowing easy dumping of game disc including SS v2.
(directly from the README file that comes with the iXtreme v1.6 firmware)

if you can’t get that to work… i believe if you got a BenQ drive (or Samsung , which i have myself and i KNOW Samsung has it) you can flash a 0800 firmware to the drive strictly for game dumping and then flash back to iXtreme v1.6 when your done. (but this should not be necessary if the iXtreme v1.6 can do it. but i never used iXtreme v1.6 myself to dump a game as i used the special firmware that you flash to the drive so that windows can see it and dump the game data and then flash back to the ixtreme firmware after i am done)

p.s. as far as your ‘data corruption’ issues with XBC link… try getting it again with a different web browser like Firefox etc as the link DOES work. (you could also clear your browser cache to) … if all else fails, i suppose i could upload it somewhere. but try that stuff first.

p.s. when i did the original game dumping to my PC… i used xtrm0800.bin for my Samsung MS28 drive and then XBC (XBox Backup Creator) see’s the drive fine in Windows… but this was back before you could use iXtreme firmware to do it (about Mid 2008 when i did this). (this option will still work but it’s probably easier to use the iXtreme v1.6 if possible since you won’t have to reflash the firmware twice… like going from ixtreme back to the special 0800 firmware then back to ixtreme)

[B]WARNING: if your going to flash any special 0800 firmware make SURE you backup your drive key info first BEFORE flashing!!! (as it contains the drive key which will be erased once you flash the 0800 firmware… then after your done you will have to reflash the iXtreme v1.6 (with your drive key in it) back onto the XBox360’s DVD-ROM drive.)… so in other words DO NOT ‘erase’ or ‘write’ to the XBox360’s DVD-ROM drive unless your damn sure you got a backup of your drive key info![/B]

EDIT: in fact, i got the file on my PC that allows game dumping should the iXtreme v1.6 don’t work for you for some reason… the file is called, “iXtreme_1.6_0800_All_Versions.rar” (it has Samsung/BenQ/Liteon versions in it… so this will work for sure if for some reason you cant get the iXtreme v1.6 into the proper mode for game dumping… but this requires flashing to the XBox360’s DVD-ROM drive and after your done you will have to flash back to the iXtreme v1.6)

i just checked out my 360 drive its either a benq or a liteon i cant tell without pullin the 360 apart

this link will tell you what drive you got in your XBox360 without opening the system up… 360 Drive Models - … all you have to do is remove the face plate which is easy as you can snap it off with your fingers (don’t worry you wont break anything since it’s made to be user replaceable :wink: )