Help with Windows XP and restarting problem while burning



I am using Windows Xp and I am tryin to burn a .bin using the .cue file with fireburner. But for some reason when I burn something after a while during the process of the burning, my computer will just restart randomly. I have no clue what to do. It is really making me mad. Also when I burn music cds with NTI CD Maker it does the same thing. Any help would be greatly appriecated. Thanks


do you have aspi installed?

have you disabled xp’s built-in burning program?


I dont think they install right and for the other question, How do I undo the XP default burner?


I dont think they install right

get force aspi you can search for it on it has the good version of aspi and a program called aspi check, Which you can use to see if aspi is installed correctly.

How do I undo the XP default burner?

go to control panel>admin tools>services find the service called “Imapi cd burning com service” right click on it and select properties then disable from the drop down list. Then right click on your burner choose the recording tab and untick “enable cd recording”


ok I am lost when I go to contron panel it says nothing about addminister tools. I’m sorry if I am just missing something thanks for respondin though


wait i’m sorry i found it thanks


when i click the box on the burning drive will i still be able to burn a cd?


yes, using your favourite burning software, you will still be able to burn cd’s.


ok good thanks do u think this will stop my computer from restarting while burnin?