Help with Windows Media Center Edition files

How can I play a movie that has been recorded with Windows Media Center Edition (dvr-ms files) on another computer that uses windows xp professional or home edition. :slight_smile:

Im not really sure what area this falls under? So i just picked one.


What have you tried to play it with so far?

The Drive is a Matshita UJDA720 DVD/CDRW. Intel Pentium III HP Notebook PC 500 MB Ram with 30GB Hard Drive using Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition. :slight_smile:

Not the drive …but the program? Did you try windows media player? Cyberlink Powerdvd?

Windows Media Player, WInAMP, DIVx

Did the movie play on those 3? if so the other computer with XP will with windows media player.

the (dvr-ms files) play on the computer that has the Media Edition software with whatever major prog i use, (windows media player, winamp, divx.) But if i put the file on a disk (cd or dvd) and try to play it on a computer without Media Edition software regardless of the prog. i’m using to play the disk, it will not play. Sorry for the confusion

i’m pretty sure windows update has a manual update that describes “download this update to play windows media center files on other windows xp pc’s” check it out.

I found a download for it at this address:
When i tried to install the executable it said that I needed windows xp service pack 1 or higher. I download sp1(a) and install it. When i try to run the executable again it still says that i need windows xp service pack 1. I go back online and get windows service pack 2 download and install it. Then i try to run the executable for a third time(might of been fourth), and then it proceeds to tell me that i can only install this update with win service pack 1

Im confused just a wee bit.

:slight_smile: :confused:

does anyone have any idea why my computer did not recognize that service pack 1 was installed

i fixed the problem. so how do i close this thread?