HeLp With WinAvi or Nero?

ok…i just bought winavi video converter 8 (i cant contact owners and i looked in help menu and didnt solve problem). I just converted a movie i took (avi) and it worked perfictly. I burn’t it with Nero 7 Ultra Edtion (nero express) and i tryed to play it on my panisonic dvd player but it didnt work…(i had winavi 7.1 before and it worked on the dvd player and i used same method but in 7.1 it skiped every 10 seconds…it skips for like.5 millisecond but its annoying so i got winavi 8…hoping it would be better) anyways i think the problem is PAL and NTSC…(i forgot which one works in canada but…) i dont know how to change it to the right one…i looked in options on winavi and nero…i couldn’t find where to change it…if anyone knows plz help!!!